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Our team at Infinity is dedicated to providing a service that satisfies you. We have specialised in various services such as; frameless balustrades, frameless folding doors, frameless shower doors, aluminium folding doors, aluminium sliding doors, aluminium windows, as well as aluminium balustrades. You can request to customise your design to suit your needs. We offer these various services to residential, commercial and industrial markets! We take pride in being one of South Africa’s leading glass and aluminium suppliers and installers so that we can grow as a brand, as well as tend to your needs. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

Frameless balustrades are a unique and intriguing new design to maintain the modern feeling in your home or in the work place. It all depends on your vision for your home or businesses that will help create the design. You can have a glass balustrade fence installed on you balcony so you can overlook the salient horizon. You can have a sophisticated glass balustrade installed on your stairs so when you descend from any level you feel the elegance of modern architecture.

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Infinity has taken the initiative to produce doors that are frameless in order to maintain the aesthetics of modern décor. We offer a service that customises and installs frameless doors to suit your home and office environment. With us, you can relax as we install elegant frameless glass doors that allow you to see the world outside. Stay in touch with the world outside as you overlook you patio from your folding glass doors. Our customised designs for frameless folding doors include exterior sliding doors, glass bifold doors, bathroom doors for showers and much more!

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Enjoy the numerous customised designs Infinity provides to suit your bathroom needs. You can enjoy a simple and elegant design of frameless shower doors that enhances the beauty of your bathroom. Installing a frameless glass shower door in your bathroom will allow it to showcase the simplicity, but sophistication of the customised design. There is minimal maintenance having frameless shower doors installed.

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Infinity can customise and install aluminium balustrades to enhance the look of your balcony and stairs. By adding aluminium balustrades, the details of your balcony, patio or staircase can levitate the sophistication of your home or office space. This can be achieved through customising aluminium railings and deck railings to give your space the striking details it deserves.

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Aluminium folding doors is a new and exciting way to create the feeling of more space in your home or workplace. Infinity installs aluminium folding doors to suit your spacial requirements. Not only can you have one aluminium sliding door, but you can now have 5 bifold doors installed to create the illusion of a larger space. Have your aluminium folding doors installed by Infinity to maximise the aesthetics of your desired space!

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Infinity customises your design for aluminium sliding doors to suit your home and workplace environment. You can create a space of professionalism through the installation of aluminium bifold doors, aluminium sliding patio doors, glass sliding doors and so much more! Create a space that emphasises the world of infinite possibilities!

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The world of wooden frames is no longer relevant! You need to form part of the Infinity community by having us install aluminium windows to showcase the elegance of your space it deserves. This will help keep the maintenance at a minimal and emphasize the level of professionalism.

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