Infinity will help you open the frameless glass doors to a world of frameless possibilities.

At Infinity, we make it our priority to assist you in the process of implementing new and exciting ways to replace your doors and windows with glass doors and windows that are trendy and frameless. Our team specialise in frameless glass installations, but we also specialise in designing and installing frameless folding doors, aluminium folding doors, balustrade glass, frameless shower doors, and much more!  We do so by using the highest quality materials at a lower cost. Our team ensures that the final product always shares the same refreshing feeling you have when you first envisioned your custom shower doors, sliding doors or folding doors, or aluminium window replacement. With Infinity, you can walk through your newly installed 4 door bifold into the wide open space of your garden. You can enjoy the wonderful sense of sophistication of your newly installed aluminium handrails as you walk down from the first floor to the second floor. All this is achievable through our exciting services of product delivery and installation, as well as through customising your design.


Infinity is located in Helderberg, Somerset West and we offer our services across the Cape Town region. Our team is aware that the world of architecture is a rapidly evolving industry and it is our mission to continue to maintain progressing alongside the new ways architecture is changing to suit the style of your home and workplace aesthetics. We are a dedicated team who specialises in customised frameless glass and aluminium installation to suit the current and modern architecture of today. You can have your rusted old wooden sash window frames replaced with with thin frame aluminium windows or you can have your sliding doors replaced with a 2 door bifold. We encourage you to move with us as we move forward into a world that no longer relies on wooden frames. This will only enhance the level of elegance in simplicity. Less is more! It is because we understand the industry of décor and architecture is an industry that is always inventing new and refreshing ways to design that we prioritise our service to reflect how the new ways of the modern world is changing.
Our mission at Infinity is to ensure that you are always provided with the best quality product and service at an affordable cost. We also ensure to help guide you through planning, designing and constructing a long lasting and memorable project. Our vision is to continue to move forward in the world of glass and aluminium designs so that you can enjoy the benefits of a frameless future. Our goal at Infinity is to continue to grow in the modern world of architecture so that you can always remain satisfied with the results.

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At Infinity, we ensure that we provide a service to you that results in the best outcome. The only way to ensure the best outcome is to provide the best quality service. At infinity, providing the best quality means to provide a product that is produced from great quality materials at an affordable price and providing an experience that is exceptional quality.


Infinity has built an excellent reputation by participating in projects that has allowed us to grow and invest more time in building a relationship with you. We are passionate about two very important aspects. First, we are passionate about investing our time to assist you with custom frameless glass and aluminium installations and secondly, we are passionate about understanding your needs by building our relationship with you


The team at Infinity provides you with a unique and valuable perspective in our numerous services. We have grown our brand in order to understand your needs. Our team consults and assists in areas of custom frameless glass and aluminium installations so that your experience with us is a pleasant one.